Free space for architects

Free space for architects

Your partner for new-build and renovation projects

emco Klima is your partner and point of contact for the overall concept. We create the necessary free space for you to put your plans into practice, without having to also think about the technical solutions required for the air conditioning. Our goal is the symbiosis of successful, pleasing architecture, user comfort and energy-efficient building services planning.

Above all, this means working together on the planning from the start – and working in harmony with the architectural features and applications of each individual project. As system providers, we design the entire ventilation/air conditioning plant to produce the room air quality and comfort that you require, optimally and almost invisibly.

emco Klima: Our services

Our services

  • Integration into the architectural planning
  • Concept development and optimisation
  • Variant analysis
  • Energy efficiency assessment

Your benefits

  • Shorter installation times
  • Reduced storey height possible with decentralised air conditioning
  • Easy installation (plug & play)
  • Rapid amortisation of the investment
emco Klima as your partner for the overall concept

emco Klima as your partner for the overall concept

At emco, we have dovetailed our product groups so that when you have a new air conditioning concept we can advise you about the entire system. Whether you are a planner or an architect, we are the ideal partner and point of contact for your overall concept. We see the initial approach for solutions in the field of visible air conditioning technology, with the chilled ceiling panel, for instance. Basically, in terms of ceiling-mounted cooling elements, architects can choose whether to realise this as a chilled ceiling, chilled beam or chilled ceiling panel. While the chilled ceiling provides practical, invisible room temperature control, the chilled ceiling panel can be used as a design element, too. And, because it is suspended below the ceiling, it also has the technical advantage of greater cooling power: the air in the room can circulate freely above the panel, so that air currents provide additional heat removal. Chilled ceiling panels can also be fitted with ventilation components if desired.

Modular, coordinated modules for every building situation

Modular, coordinated modules for every building situation

Another example is façade ventilation modules, noise optimised in terms both of their own noise emissions and of sound transmission from outside to the building's interior. The emcovent UZS is perfect for use in combination with emco chilled ceiling systems in new builds or revitalisation projects. What's more, all our modules can be adapted modularly to the building's actual situation. But these types of solution can only be the beginning, the initial creation of an interface between the old and new air conditioning and ventilation technology in a building. Architects and planners must work together with the manufacturer to jointly develop the solutions that meet the needs and wants of the emerging markets.