Air conditioning with tradition

System supplier for over 40 years!

emco Klima develops and produces high-quality air conditioning products for over 40 years. The high standards in quality and safety make emco Klima a worldwide synonym for integrated air conditioning components:  extremely versatile, durable and accurately processed.

Besides ventilation components, chilled ceilings and decentralized ventilation systems, especially innovative control technology is part of our product range.

Also service has tradition at emco: From the beginning, we advise our clients worldwide with product selection and are also available after the integration of our products to help you with our know-how and equipment. A tradition of quality: with emco Klima!

Wide range of air conditioning technology 

Winning comfort

Wide range of air conditioning technology  

Our philosophy lies in creating a climate that lives up to the diverse expectations of a world where performance counts – a climate that works in harmony with the architectural features and applications of each individual project. That is why we offer a wide spectrum of air conditioning technology, from tried-and-tested standard components to bespoke special solutions.

The intelligent emcoMFR multifunction controller combines these individual components to form an efficient, smoothly functioning air conditioning system. The intuitive interface allows you to create a feel-good climate that precisely matches your needs.

Solutions for all requirements

At the heart of life

Solutions for all requirements

It is the combination of architecture, application and location that makes each building’s air conditioning concept unique. We rise to the challenge of creating the right concept and, thanks to our extensive experience, independent development work and outstanding components, we can find solutions to meet any requirements.

Our products can be discreetly integrated or boldly presented as a statement of style. You can find our technology all over the world in all sorts of locations, including bank foyers, restaurants, auditoriums and exhibition halls.