Air in the room - to breathe - to life - to feel good

A contribution by medical journalist Werner Stingl

Without eating a person can survive several weeks without drinking a few days, but without breathing a few minutes. Air with its 21 per cent oxygen, 78 per cent nitrogen and the small residue of carbon dioxide, noble gases and other gases is the medium we are most urgently and without interruption. In 24 hours an adult pumps over 10,000 liters of air through his lungs. Day and night, a lifetime.

Unlike a few generations ago, modern man breathes most of the time indoors. The room climate is therefore becoming increasingly important for health and wellbeing. Nevertheless, it often leaves something to be desired.

Even in exhaust-gas-fueled cities, air quality outdoors is usually better than in buildings. Because air consumed in the relative infinity of the wind-flooded outer space as well as aerogenic pollutants from natural and artificial sources usually dilute rapidly to harmless concentrations, easily critical values ​​are achieved in enclosed spaces. In the interest of energy saving denser window and door structures with their reduced spontaneous air exchange intensify the situation.

Furniture, floor coverings, wall paints and cleaning agents are potentially harmful to health. Some soil minerals and building materials can release radioactive radon, accumulating in standing air. Cooking, washing, drying, as well as the water vapor released through the lungs and the skin threaten to turn habitats into wetlands where molds thrive and contaminate the respiratory air with their spores.

Regular ventilation avoids such shortcomings and is indispensable for a healthy indoor climate. But all too often we just do not think of leaving the windows open and the fresh air outside. For we may feel a diffuse discomfort in a stuffy atmosphere, we can concentrate less or sleep more restlessly at night. We do not have clear sensations, which, like a pain relief, warn us in advance of gradually deteriorating room air.

Computer-based high-quality space ventilation systems are a modern alternative or addition to the tried and tested impact ventilation. They automatically provide for an optimal room climate with a continuous air exchange, regulating humidity sensors, filter and heat recovery systems. And even without having to blow heat from the window.

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