emcoair Swirl diffuser model DRS

The DRS diffuser is a highly inductive swirl diffuser with a round or square front plate and pressed air control blades and an integrated steel diffuser. The device is suitable for use in commercial and industrial areas and can be installed flush or suspended from the ceiling. The swirl diffuser is usually operated via a plenum box but can also be installed directly at the end of the pipe with an integrated perforated metal element

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  • Comfort areas
  • Offices and administration rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Meeting rooms
  • IT rooms
  • Department stores
  • Constant and variable flow volume systems
  • Preferably in rooms with ceiling heights of 2.20 m to 6 m with high cooling loads
  • Optimal air feed
  • Low sound power level with high flow volumes
  • Quick reduction in speed and temperature difference through high induction