emcoair Slot diffuser model SAL35

The SAL35 diffuser is available in single or multi-slot versions, depending on the particular application and air volume and can be joined together to form slot bands of any desired length. Similar to a vortex, a strong vacuum develops causing high flow velocities to form near the surface of the cylinder drum which produces a stable airflow and airflow deflection at low acoustic levels.

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  • In comfort areas with average room heights, for heating and cooling
  • In areas with high ventilation rates and low air speeds
  • In situations in which the diffuser must be adapted to the spatial conditions in shape and colour
  • With variable air volume flow systems
  • Offices and administration rooms
  • IT rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Department stores
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Infinitely adjustable control of discharge speed and air volume flows by cross-section changes to the air control rotor
  • Manipulation of critical airflow path (for instance, lengthening)
  • Manipulation of induction behaviour
  • Adjustable penetration depth
  • Optional Coandă-effect setting
  • Infinite alteration of blowout direction by 180°
  • Reproducible diffuser setting
  • Adjustment options even after installation
  • Stability of diffuser setting when cleaned